Lusardi Construction Company

Lusardi Family  

Lusardi Golf Scrambles

It is Lusardi tradition to host biannual golf scrambles where employees can boast their skills, exchange friendly banter and enjoy each other’s company. Employees have enjoyed our golf scrambles for decades and they continue to be in high demand because of their continued success. The scrambles are held at several prestigious golf courses and country clubs around San Diego where players can appreciate the sunshine and stunning Southern California backdrops. 

Lusardi Picnics

The annual Lusardi Picnics are held for Lusardi employees and their families. Our once a year event celebrates Lusardi’s accomplishments and is a great opportunity for bonding and spending quality time with the Lusardi family. The summer festivities vary by location and range from BBQ’s to amusement parks, to a fun day at Boomers. Although the location changes from year to year, one thing remains consistent, the great people. 



Lusardi Luncheons

There’s always an excuse to cater to our valued employees. Our Lusardi luncheons are held consistently throughout the year where food and beverages are provided, and activities are planned for people to enjoy on a Friday afternoon. The events range from kickball tournaments to other outdoor activities like volleyball and bocce ball.