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CAF Community Challenge 2020  

Posted: Tuesday, August 25, 2020


 Please join us as we enter our 8th straight year teaming up with Challenged Athletes Foundation, in support of the 2020 Community Challenge presented by VEGA.

 The Challenge is here and we need your support!

CAF’s mission is intricately tied to the challenges of our time – a global health pandemic, a devastating financial crisis, and ongoing social injustices. These challenges create even greater barriers for individuals with physical disabilities.  Please join Team Lusardi for one unified, extraordinary challenge that spans multiple weeks and multiple sports.

August 25 – October 18

·       Run, cycle, swim, roll, walk or hike millions of miles 

·       Help raise millions of dollars 

·       Empower millions of dreams 

That’s right!! 9 weeks of excitement, mission moments and challenges.  Virtually we will participate together to achieve one goal. Conquer miles as a team, earn incentives, and feel the power of our community reaching collective milestones. Now more than ever, we need to come together to make a difference!

Liv Stone, CAF Hero of Sport:

Listen live to Bob Babbit interview local surfer Liv Stone! 

Joining the TEAM CHALLENGE is easy!

Step 1 – Click here to join Lusardi’s Team Page and Register.  The registration fee is $20.

You can join the challenge anytime during the 9 weeks.

Step 2 – Personalize your fundraising page and share your passion for CAF and its mission.

Step 3 – Connect to miles tracking app and fitness trackers. (A webinar is available to access instructions on setting up your personal page, fundraising and tracking your activities)

Step 4 – Get moving August 25 – October 18 fundraise and track your miles for Team Lusardi. 

Here you will find more details about CAF and the Community Challenge presented by VEGA.

Finally, we want to introduce you to Challenged Athletes Foundation grantee, Chase a young man who has benefitted from the kind of support generated through Challenged Athlete Fundraising events.

In support of this year’s Challenged Athlete Community Challenge, Team Lusardi supports the following goals:

1.To raise funds for athletes such as Chase

2. Motivate Lusardi employees, family and friends to get out and move!

Welcome to Team Lusardi!

Please reach out to our Team Captain, Ben Wild ( ), Heidi Pugsley ( ), or Marcella Garofalo ( ) with any questions.