Lusardi Construction Company

LEED Projects  

Lusardi was recently ranked 60th in the nation for top green builders. Our projects have earned LEED® Silver and Gold certifications, as well as a litany of awards including the SDG&E Energy Showcase Award and Sustainable Community Champion.

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Lusardi Builds Green On Every Project

While not all clients choose to pursue a LEED-certified project, every Lusardi project exhibits some characteristics of building Green. We implement storm water pollution prevention programs on all projects to minimize the amount of site runoff and limit the water discharge into surrounding waterways. We assign a Lusardi water truck to most jobsites for dust mitigation and increased air quality.

Our recycling programs are always in affect and we are able to minimize construction waste from landfill facilities by using material specific recycling containers. We are constantly re-using various building materials such as form lumber, metal forms, and metal form stakes. We exercise fuel and oil containment measures for prevention of soil and local water table contamination.

Lusardi provides efficient coordination of regional equipment delivery and pickup, thus reducing fuel consumption and the accompanying pollution associated with delivering materials to the jobsite. Finally, we always maximize the use of local material and material suppliers as appropriate.

The ‘LEED® Certification Mark’ is a registered trademark owned by the U.S. Green Building Council® and is used with permission.