Lusardi Construction Company


Construction Services – General

UPON COMMENCEMENT OF CONSTRUCTION, we assume all the duties of a full-service general contractor. This provides the owner with a single point of responsibility for all construction phase activities. We normally self perform site and structural concrete, rough and finish framing, and some grading with our own personnel. The use of Lusardi forces in these key trades enables us to dictate the tempo of the job from conception to completion. Since our teams have worked together on millions of square feet of buildings, we deliver a faster, more efficient approach to project implementation and better quality control, since our craftsmen pride themselves in producing some of the finest finished products in the industry. Our primary goal during the construction phase will be to coordinate and organize all of our resources for the project – labor, equipment, permanent and temporary materials, supplies and utilities, finances, technology and time – to complete the project on schedule, within the budget, and equal to or better than the standards of quality and performance specified by the designers. Our construction services focus on and include the following:

  • Construction Meetings
  • Cost Control and Change Order Management
  • Documentation
  • Schedule
  • Safety
  • Quality Control
  • Project Closeout

Lusardi will attend and run regular Construction Meetings that will commence at the beginning of the project and through the closeout period. The purpose of these meetings is to anticipate, identify and resolve project challenges. All issues raised will be catalogued and tracked, including responsible parties and due dates, from initiation to full resolution. Discussion topics covered at every meeting include project milestones, long lead items, work sequencing, subcontractor coordination, and project budget/cost review.

Lusardi provides continuous Cost Control and Change Order Management throughout the project. Changes in scope, whether initiated by the owner or design team, will be evaluated relative to cost and schedule impact as they occur. In most cases affected subcontractors will provide quotes for the modifications in their trade. After thorough analysis, Lusardi will compile these quotes, in addition to the pricing for self performed work, and provide a detailed summary to the owner and design team for review. No change order work will commence without the prior approval of the owner. We review and refine construction budgets as construction proceeds, and as required to incorporate approved change orders as they occur. Each month Lusardi will provide a contract summary showing the original contract amount, as well as approved and pending change orders. Our clients are continually updated relative to expended costs and cost to complete.

Lusardi has incorporated standard Documentation procedures that include RFIs’, submittals, shop drawings, change order requests, change orders, change order logs, record drawings, meeting minutes, and warranties. We believe that the documentation system contributes to management control as well as project communication and helps keep the project running smoothly. We are firm believers in written documentation to ensure mutual understanding of discussion items and potential challenges. Additionally, we feel that consistent documentation minimizes “surprises” for all parties involved.

A solid project Schedule is a cornerstone of the Lusardi building process. While scheduling starts during the pre-construction phase, the detailed construction schedule is drafted prior to the start of construction and continually updated throughout the project. The schedule is created by both the Superintendent and Project Manager using our own extensive experience, but also taking into consideration input from our wealth of subcontractor and material supplier resources.

Lusardi puts Safety as a top priority on all of our projects. Our full time in-house safety manager, Eric Schuster, frequently conducts job site safety visits on an unannounced, objective basis. Eric is responsible for conducting safety orientations for all new employees, heads the Safety Committee, and is a member of the AGC Safety Committee. However, our commitment to safety does not end there. Each job superintendent has the inherent responsibility of safety coordinator at his job site, and he ensures compliance with our safety procedures by all personnel. We stress that all site personnel are responsible for safety. The superintendent and foremen conduct site inspections daily and conduct weekly safety meetings with all subcontractors, as well as with all Lusardi personnel. In addition, we have developed a complete Safety Procedures Manual, including an Accident Prevention Program, which is in full compliance with all Cal/OSHA and Fed/OSHA regulations and standards. We have maintained a close working relationship with the Cal/OSHA compliance force. This relationship has helped us improve our safety program and to better understand the safety requirements of Title 8, California Code of Regulations (Cal/OSHA).

Lusardi is committed to leading the industry in Quality Control. Quality must be a driving force for all people involved in a project, including office personnel as well as craftsmen. Our commitment to “raising the quality bar” has been a guiding principle of our business since 1958. Our people know it, our subcontractors and suppliers know it, and our clients benefit from it. A well-conceived and well-directed pre-construction effort is essential to the ultimate achievement of quality construction. A strong focus is put on the submittal and shop drawing review process in order to maintenance the quality standards. Our Project Superintendents are ultimately responsible for quality control and field supervision of both Lusardi personnel and subcontractors, exercising control both directly and through foremen. Our superintendents and foremen are homegrown, so they are intimately familiar with Lusardi principles, techniques and systems and are brought up with an eye for detail. All of our superintendents have been with Lusardi a minimum of ten years and are of the best in the industry. In addition, we employ a full-time, quality-control supervisor that travels to all projects to provide an additional level of quality.

One of the key aspects of any project is the Project Closeout. It is imperative that the turnover of a project is complete and that a smooth transition takes place. This project closeout starts with a Lusardi generated punch list that is completed prior to the design teams formal punch list. This helps minimize the length of the formal punch list and helps bring an immediate end to a project. We provide a complete training session for our client and their maintenance team as to how to operate and maintain the facility. We provide record drawings, operation and maintenance manuals, notice of completion documents, and completed punchlists. And as with all projects, we are always here to answer questions that may arise long after we have left the site. We stand behind the projects we build!