Lusardi Construction Company


Pre-Construction Services – General

THE SUCCESS OF ANY PROJECT starts with a diligent pre-construction period. Our primary goal during the Pre-Construction phase is to develop, maintain and/or improve the stated budget and schedule. We vigorously administer the budget development process, provide the owner and design team with timely input on cost and construction alternatives and monitor the availability of labor and material resources. Our pre-construction services focus on and include the following:

  • Team Meetings
  • Estimating
  • Value Engineering
  • Scheduling
  • Subcontractor Bidding 

We attend regular Team Meetings with the design team during the development of design and construction documents. The purpose of team meetings is to focus on all pre-construction activities and keep all team members on schedule and up to date on project developments.



Lusardi will generate and update Estimates for all phases of the project. These estimates are typically prepared at the completion of Schematic Design (Control Budget), Design Development, 70% Working Drawings and 100% Contract Documents. We will apply current construction cost data to produce accurate estimates that become increasingly fine-tuned as design progresses. Our estimates are produced utilizing state of the art hardware and software in addition to internally developed estimating spreadsheets. At each update, the revised budget will be compared with the Control Budget and areas that are exceeding the amount contained in the Control Budget will be identified. Using this information, the owner, the design team and Lusardi can consider value-engineering options to insure the overall project remains within budget.

Almost all projects go through an extensive Value Engineering program. The key objective is to generate potential cost savings, constructability reviews, life cycle and payback analyses, and improving management control over cost and schedule. The VE program is intended to be a complete team effort involving all members of the project team – owner, designer and contractor.


As design development proceeds LCC focuses heavily on Scheduling. Material procurement periods are researched, the permitting process is analyzed, agency processes are reviewed, and plan milestone deadlines are established. All of these items are compiled along with a preliminary construction schedule to produce a Master Schedule that becomes the tool used to keep the project on track.



Upon completion of construction documents, LCC focuses on Subcontractor Bidding. We currently have over 7,000 companies in our subcontractor database that have been thoroughly evaluated with respect to financial stability, payment performance history, project performance, bonding capacity, insurance, licensing, and staffing and personnel resources. It is the responsibility of the LCC Project Manager and LCC’s preconstruction team to select those subs best suited for a specific project. This select group of subcontractor’s competitively bid the project and the lowest, qualified subcontractors in each trade are brought on board as part of the construction team.